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We use 32oz stackable bamboo containers that measure 5" x 7" x 3.5" each.  You can arrange them in a variety of ways, but here are a couple examples for each package (shown with a can of some amazing curry for context) along with dimensions to help you plan.

Starter Package: Eight 32oz containers

14" x 10" x 7" arrangement

20" x 7" x 7" arrangement


Postpartum Essentials: Ten 32oz containers + cookies, pancakes and tea not shown

14" x 14" x 7" arrangement

20" x 7" x 10" arrangement


Hungry Mama Package: 16 containers plus a dozen cookies, brownies, two orders of pancakes and tea not shown

15" x 14" x 10" arrangement

19" x 10" x 13" kinda awkward arrangement


Be sure you've got freezer space cleared out before your delivery arrives!  If you've got room we recommend having a standup deep freezer.  We used ours for meal storage and also meat storage since we buy in bulk and it's delivered frozen to our door. 

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