Unfortunately, there’s no one answer for everyone.

Some Moms are famished postpartum and eat a ton, some not so much. 

Here are some thoughts and feedback we've gathered.

If you're wondering how many servings per container, each container in your package is 32oz, or about 1.8 pounds of food, which can go many different ways.

  • Chili Example: One container could be served as two 16oz, three 10.5oz or four 8oz servings.  This could be consumed as 2 to 4 meals by Mom only or one dinner for Mom, Dad and another child.
  • Oatmeal Example: Some customers say the 32oz oatmeals were 4-5 servings for them.  So... one oatmeal container could be 5 servings (especially if paired with eggs or extra fruit) or two really big bowls of oatmeal.
  • Lentil Stew Example: You can totally add more water or broth to this entree when you reheat.  Some customers eat this as two servings (great for your first meal after baby comes), and some say they brown a pound of pasture-raised ground beef and mix it in!  This turns your 32oz container into a much bigger portion, especially if you add extra water/broth and top with avocado.

So keep in mind if you’re sharing food with a partner and/or kids then your package will go quicker.  All the food is super yummy so husbands and kids often enjoy the meals too.  Watch out for husbands and your lactation treats!!!

If you’re eating only our meals with nothing else it will go faster than if you have sides (like eggs with your oatmeal or another protein with lentil stew).  And of course you'll probably have other meals brought to you or some favorites you cook yourself.  

You see why this question is hard to answer =)

A few tips for making meals last longer:

  1. Add extra water or bone broth when reheating (check out the reheating article).  The food is VERY dense and can support more liquid which makes them more filling. A dollop of grass-fed butter or coconut oil will also help make the food more filling.

  2. Add toppings!  Avocado, sour cream and/or raw cheese go great with the chili and you can always add more fruit to the oatmeals.  Avocado actually goes great with most meals.

  3. Some customers brown a pound of their favorite ground meat and add it to the lentil stew or creamy sweet potato soup.  Try adding another package of chicken thighs and avocado to the creamy chicken congee.  The hard work of cooking from scratch is done, just think of something easy to add.