We’re honored you would share Mama Meals with your community.  <33

If you haven’t already, create an affiliate account and get a personalized link and code.  (note: you must use a PayPal account for us to be able to pay you!)  We’ve noticed three things that work well:

  1. Add the link to your website under “resources” or something similar.  If possible, add a little snippet about why you felt called to partner with us.  this gives people browsing your site permission to order even if they don’t end up using your services.
  2. Send an email to your list about our partnership.  here’s a template you can customize.  do not copy and paste as it may get flagged as spam.
  3. People frequently find us on google when they search “postpartum meal delivery (their city).”  you can post a blog/article on your website titled "postpartum meal delivery (your city)" and capture local traffic. Here’s an article with instructions you can use.  please follow the guidelines.

Our media kit can be found here if you want photos, video, or our color pallet.

We hope this was helpful!  We appreciate the heck out of you for sharing us!

If you'd like more help or have questions about the company feel free to grab a time with eric.